Shaun Micallef is one of my favourite humans.
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Lotus Gait - Propagandhi

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Propagandhi @ Petit Bain (Paris) - 09-07-13
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In the wake of the IPCC report advocating for urgent and drastic action on climate change Abbott and co. are continuing to subsidise the mass polluters by offering billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidy’s for Australia’s mining billionaires.

All this while cutting back funding for health, universities, schools, disability support, social welfare and attempting to raise the retirement age to 70. 

This is seriously all kinds of fucked up. 

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Today I downloaded the Weezer discography, definitely not a bad call.  

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This was a really great show. Honestly, we couldn’t have hoped for a better night to launch the album.

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Exile On Broadway - Trash Talk

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Trash Talk
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This morning Banksy painted a new piece depicting on the NSA privacy affair #streetart via Instagram
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