Feels Fest: 20 - 7 - 14

All credit to the Photographer

From our gig on Sunday.

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I don’t want to live any more. 
Israel is a terrorist state.
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It’s actually bigger than huge.
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Comeback Kid - Partners In Crime

I did this to myself
The summer air burning in my lungs
One more glance till I come undone
Let’s stop this rising sun

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a lot of people talk like capitalism is necessary to have innovation and I just think of all the brilliant and creative people I know who spend all of their time and energy worrying about how they’re going to have a roof over their heads and food to eat. capitalism doesn’t drive innovation, it stifles it and shackles it to the endlessly wasteful machinery of exploitation.

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Dead Kennedys-Elite Club-December 4th (year unknown)
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This rules!

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